WorkStrong Program

The WorkStrong program is a University of California systemwide program developed with the expertise and collaborative support of UC staff in wellness programs, occupational health and recreational services. It is designed to promote recovery and prevent future workplace injuries. Each UC campus has its own unique program to suit the needs of the employees on its campus. All campuses offer the core services of WorkStrong, which include a 6 month gym membership, exercise guidance and nutrition counseling, while each campus offers their own unique programming to suit the needs of its campus.




What services are available to program participants?

  • Personal training sessions (usually 12-15)
  • Nutritional counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian
  • Body composition assessment
  • Regular follow up from the WorkStrong Program Coordinator for support with workplace environment, access to smoking cessation & campus wellness programs, and tools to integrate well-being into daily life.

Who is eligible to participate?

Employees with at least 2 work related injuries in the past 24 months, provided that:

  • Clinician feels they’re a good candidate, and are medically ready for exercise.

Employees with 1 injury can be recommended by the clinician on a case by case basis.

  • The employee is in “good standing” with the University.
  • The employee wants to participate.

How does an employee get started?

  • Employees are contacted by the WorkStrong Program Coordinator once all clearances are received, including treating clinician and Risk Services
  • Employees meet with the WorkStrong Program Coordinator to complete their enrollment and to design their individualized program.

Please reach out to Sonia Miller, WorkStrong Program Coordinator, Wellness Case Manager, with any questions about the UCSF WorkStrong Program